Day Thought – Maybe One Day

Dreams and Hope ……They say

Failure will turn around into success…. They say

Keep trying …. They say

Blur direction …..

I see no fraction…

Wipe it a little more … They say

I see scratches the more I wipe

Hang in there … They say

Little more longer … They say

Its Dreams and Hope

You may find a scope…

Keep looking Keep digging …

Maybe one day … Maybe one day





  1. Hi Kinny… It’s a beautiful blog. 🙂👍

    Allow me to share one of my favorite quotes

    “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. ” ~ Ernest Hemingway


  2. One day, one moment, a flash of a spark leads us in a new direction and suddenly we have been reborn anew with a fresh outlook. Sometimes there are days and nights where we feel blissful for no concrete reason whatever but just feel great. Yes, we keep looking, keep digging and at some point we reach success, acknowledge, and fulfillment. However, it is in that digging that we keep alive the wonderful journey that life offers. Let’s dig, let’s look, let’s dance and celebrate our striving.


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