That's knocking my mind right now

Honking : The New Penguin Wings

Honking is the new penguin wings ... I don't know how many of you will actually agree to the statement but to be more specific penguin can't fly and so as your car. Every morning all over the web everybody... Continue Reading →



You see ups and downs ... You see the sadness around ... Those who don't even wish be sad... Still cant escape to feel it bad... Some silent cries some pitches so high You cant escape the true which is... Continue Reading →


Everyday we all go through all sort of bad experiences, bad feelings, bad people. We call it "SHIT" Have you ever observed how similar it is to the actual shit. Everything teaches you .... no matter if its a SHIT... Continue Reading →

Few more days 

Take it easy , you I'll get through this - she said to self Everyday she gets up and give hope to herself.... few more days Few more days for the lovely weather..... Few more days for the thoughts to... Continue Reading →

Feel or Felt

On the bed of roses she said .....have you ever felt any discomfort to make you dead.. Condemned her saying..... this is not true you are fooling yourself or the crew.. She said I can feel that you can not... Continue Reading →


The crises ...It happens ... Failing your astrologist and weapons... Go and protect what you can... But I am telling the disaster is planned.... Fight back the white heads say..... But it's  demon visiting.... who will convey... You are thinking... Continue Reading →

Stamp Of His Love

She asked him to give her a piece of jewellery...... whose price nobody can judge, which everybody can gossip about, which everybody will stun to see, which everybody can jealous on, which everybody will shy to inquire, which she can... Continue Reading →

Check Repeat

Flashing Colors , Creating new rhythm, Connecting Chords, Either Bestowed or Accord, to the one, know the one, Confronting the sounds, Threshing the crowd, Is it you or the thought, Beating or Repeating, Moving to the Light, and when she... Continue Reading →

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